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134,00 DKK179,00 DKK

Simply fill it with water, add it to your freezer and you've got free ice for your ice bath. Included:- 2 96 Cube Ice Trays (192 Ice Cubes in total)

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nurecover Mat®  - Outdoor Water Absorbent Mat - nurecover

170,00 DKK223,00 DKK

Made with a soft, spongy material, it feels great on the feet! It's compact, sleek design ensures it will sit on any surface without slipping or causing a mess.

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nurecover Tropic® Home Steam Sauna - nurecover

2.930,00 DKK4.097,00 DKK

  The world's first portable at home steam sauna. Use from the comfort of your own home today. Nurecover Tropic® Home Steam Sauna is an easy-to-use device that provides you with...